Raising community awareness on community-based sustainable tourism

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CAD is raising community awareness on the importance of community-based sustainable tourism (CBST) among indigenous people and local communities (IPLCs) in the Bakossi-Banyang Mbo landscape. So far, 69 village representatives (19 women and 50 men) from 18 villages now have improved knowledge and understanding of CBST via a series of sensitisation meetings held in Mbat and Nyasoso communities in the Bangem and Tombel Sub-Divisions respectively. These meetings helped to improve the buy-in of the IPLCs in this new initiative for them to claim ownership and control over the management of their natural and cultural resources and the benefits accruing from them.    

CAD facilitates the validation of the Community-Based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) strategy for the Bakossi-Banyang Mbo landscape.

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 In June 2022, CAD developed a gender-sensitive Community-Based Sustainable Tourism (CBST) strategy for Bakossi-Banyang Mbo landscape, the first of its kind in Cameroon, with financial support from WWF. This strategy was validated under the auspices of the Permanent Secretary of the National Tourism Council at the Prime Minister’s Office in Yaounde, with the participation of stakeholders from the civil society (IPLCS, women, youths), and the public and private sectors. Plans are underway to mainstream this strategy in to Council Development Plans (CDPs) to ensure sustainability.

Promoting Plantain Multiplication

CAD is currently promoting plantain multiplication amongst rural farmers to curb shortage of planting materials, generate income and enhance local food security.

Empowering CAD’s staff in Basic Technology and Website Administration

CAD organized a three-day in-house training on basic ICT tools and website management in April 2023. Staff are currently using the acquired skills in project/program reporting and publication.

Promoting Community Based Sustainable Tourism in Cameroon


Within the framework of the Leading the Change project, WWF has been supporting the Community Action for Development (CAD), a local partner civil society organization, since 2018, in promoting green business enterprise development in local communities within the Bakossi-Banyang Mbo landscape. A landscape which harbours two protected areas - the Bakossi National Park [29,320 hectares] and the Banyang Mbo Wildlife Sanctuary [66,200 hectares] and very important natural resources, including the forest elephants and many ecotourism attractions and values.

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